Once your pregnancy is confirmed on your first visit, we will introduce you to your new baby on the second visit. 

Then we work with you to achieve a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Prenatal Care

Low risk pregnancy
Embarazos normales
Vaginal deliveries
Partos vaginales
Cesarean Delivery
Parto por cesárea
Vaginal Delivery after c-section (VBAC)
Parto vaginal después de cesárea
High risk pregnancy
(Diabetes, Hypertension, Pre-Term Labor, Thyroid disorders, Twins, etc.)
Embarazos de alto riesgo
Non-invasive prenatal genetic testing
(after 10 weeks)
Pruebas genéticas prenatales no invasivas
(después de 10 semanas de embarazo)
Elective 3-D Ultrasound at a moderate cost
Ultrasonido 3-D electivo a un costo moderado